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Mountain biking must be safety

Mountain biking is a wonderful experience. Almost any off-road ride will allow you to absorb the fresh air. It is also a good exercise for the body, you can enjoy the scenery of nature, and enjoy the long downhill belt. The excitement and pleasure that comes. If you are also a bicycle enthusiast, you may have started to feel a little bit of a heartbeat, but riding a mountain bike is very different from a flat road. You need to master some basic skills of mountain bike first,and a  Moutain biking helmet

moutain biking helmet
The key to successful off-road riding of mountain bikes is the body posture when riding. Unlike normal road surfaces, the surface of mountain bike trails includes obstacles such as rocks, tree roots, ruts, sand, and mud. But the changing terrain and potential obstacles are also part of the fun of mountain bikes, but for beginners it may feel a bit difficult. And ensuring that you are in the right posture in all situations can help you through difficult roads. Bicycle helmet.

bicycle helmet
There are usually two main body postures for off-road riding, mainly for routes that are not technically difficult and rugged routes. When you are riding on a non-technical route, you need to be in the middle of the bike. This helps you move forward efficiently and comfortably, while at the same time making it easy to transition to the prepared posture of the obstacle terrain. (bike helmet) To stay neutral you need to do the following:
Keep the pedals level;
The knees and elbows are slightly curved;
The index finger is placed on the brake lever (or two fingers);
Look at the road 5 to 6 meters ahead.
And when the trail becomes steep and rugged, you can enter another position, that is, ready to face obstacles, and quickly make a series of actions to adjust, so that you are psychologically and physically Are ready. In this case you need to do the following:
Keep the pedals level;
The knees and elbows are bent very deep (take the arm bent 90 degrees as an example);
The rear end leaves the seat and the hips move backwards;
Flexing to make the back parallel to the ground;
The index finger is placed on the brake lever all the way;
Look at the road 5 to 6 meters ahead.

cycling helmet
Braking is perhaps the easiest thing: press the joystick and then slow down the bike. However, the changing terrain during off-road riding is extremely important for braking, which makes you more comfortable when riding, and the most important thing is to ensure safety. (cycling helmet)
Always check the sensitivity and synchronicity of the brakes before riding. Although most of the braking force in the bicycle comes from the front brake, it is easy to fall with the front brake for sudden braking, which is especially true in off-road riding. Therefore, try to avoid sudden braking when riding, and use the brakes evenly before and after, and the force should not be too big to prevent slipping and falling.

bicycle helmet
While braking, support yourself by moving your hips backwards, lowering your heels and keeping your knees and elbows slightly bent. This body posture can better help you stay in control and avoid falling out directly.
When to brake
When approaching a turn, brake before turning, then use inertia to pass slowly. Don't pedal easily during this process; the same is true when crossing obstacles on the road.
The right shifting habits not only reduce the wear and tear of the bicycle, but also allow you to go up and down the mountain more efficiently. The first rider should always shift gears to enhance muscle memory.

cycling helmet
Always switch to the desired gear position before encountering steep terrain. This allows you to maintain a stable cycling rhythm; it also prevents awkward shifts under heavy loads on the gears and can cause the chain to pop out.
These are some of the basic skills of mountain biking. I believe that these shackles are very easy for cyclists. They usually do not do it when riding on a flat road. In the wild, you must pay attention to these details. Of course, in the wild, you must pay attention to these details. This is just some basic skills. If you want to get started with mountain bikes, you have to try it yourself and continue to accumulate experience based on your riding style. Cycling Helmet Standard.

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