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How Should We Choose Ski Helmet

The helmet is a kind of heavy luggage. Although it is not easy to carry, it plays a key role in the protection of life! So, in the face of the market's dazzling ski helmet, how should we choose?
Learn about ski helmets
1. Basic knowledge of ski helmets
Ski helmets generally consist of: Shell, Liner, Padding, Adjuster, Retention System, Buckle and Goggle Clip. The helmet used for the event will have a Chin Guard that protects the chin.
2, the basic material of the ski helmet
There are two main types of ski helmets currently on the market: PC (polycarbonate) and ABS (a type of engineering plastic). PC helmets are generally lighter than ABS helmets, and the price is higher than the unit price of ABS helmets. PC helmets typically weigh between 350 and 450 grams, and ABS helmets typically weigh between 500 and 650 grams.
The main body of the helmet is mainly to absorb the energy of the impact, and the material is EPS (foamed polyethylene). The function of the lining is to increase the comfort. The main material is sponge covering various fabrics, such as raging and shearing. The adjuster is to adjust the size of the helmet, usually on the CLASS B helmet.
Ps: CLASS B's helmet earmuffs are soft and are mainly used for mass skiing. CLASS A's helmet earmuffs are hard and have more protection than CLASS B, so they must be made with ABS helmets and are relatively heavy, mainly for professional skiing events.
The fixture is generally composed of a webbing and a buckle (POM) that is used to secure the helmet to the head to prevent it from falling off during exercise. The snow Glasses buckle is for fixing the ski goggles.
The benefits of wearing a ski helmet
1, reduce the probability of injury
There is no need to add a point to this point. The head is the most important part of our entire body and the thinnest part of the skin. Ski beginners with insufficient self-confidence, skiers who challenge high-speed skiing, skiers who often play in parks must wear ski helmets to prevent accidents. Also, minors must let them develop the habit of skiing with a ski helmet to protect themselves.
2, keep warm
The ski helmet is much higher than the ordinary cotton cap (or wool cap) because of its own windproofness and warmth, and it can play a good role in keeping warm during the sliding process. Especially in the cold northern part of China, you can also wear a wool cap on the inside of the ski helmet, which not only plays a double layer of warmth, but also achieves a Cool Cool visual effect.
3, to prevent snow Glasses fog and frost
People with ski hats have the experience to wear snow Glasses on their foreheads while riding the cable car. At this time, the body's heat turns the sweat on the hat into water vapor, and the water vapor evaporates through the wool cap to the snow Glasses, causing the snow Glasses to fog or frost. The ski helmet is not isolated because of its outer casing.
4, reduce residual snow
The most troublesome thing about skiing is to take off the woolen cap and shake off the residual snow on the snowy day or in the bushes (especially the residual snow left on the foam around the snow Glasses will cause the snow Glasses to fog) . The ski helmet has a smooth surface and will not leave the snow even if it is skiing in heavy snow.
5, you can install GoPro
GoPro can be installed on the ski helmet, while sliding and video recording makes the taxiing more fun. Although GoPro is written here, there are other small and cost-effective cameras besides GoPro. It is recommended to choose the right camera for your needs.
Safety and comfort are the most important
1, safety certification
The most important thing about choosing a ski helmet is to purchase a product that meets safety certification. At present, China has not yet issued its own safety certification system. It is recommended to choose from products that comply with the EU CE safety certification system or the US ASTM safety certification system.
2, the right size
When choosing a ski helmet, be sure to choose the size that suits you. If you have the habit of wearing a wool cap inside the helmet, you can choose a slightly larger size. On the contrary, you can choose a slightly smaller size, because the inner lining of the ski helmet is soft, and it is suitable for you to wear it several times. The helmet with too large size will affect the sliding quality after being worn. It is recommended to try it yourself in the store when you purchase it. If necessary, wear a ski headgear (protective face), a snow Glasses , etc. Feel the overall feeling of comfort and style and color.
3, there is BOA adjustment function
The BOA adjustment function is the function of the ski helmet to adjust its size. The size of the ski helmet can be adjusted by rotating the rear head adjustment device. The ski helmet with resizing function is also convenient for skibing with and without lining.
4, detachable and washable lining
The detachable and washable lining makes it easy to keep the interior of the ski helmet clean and clean, so you should try to choose a detachable and washable ski helmet.
5, high ventilation
The ventilated ski helmet has enough vents to bring in cold air to remove hot air and moisture. It is recommended to choose a ski helmet with self-adjusting vents. Toggle the knob to instantly adjust the air flow without interrupting your gliding. Turn off the control to prevent snow from leaking during snowy weather.
6, suitable for wearing a snow Glasses
The average skier wears the snow Glasses on the outside of the ski helmet (also in the inside), put the snow Glasses on the ski helmet and feel the snow Glasses is completely fit. Check the gap between the snow Glasses and the helmet. Is the gas permeability good?
Also, is the length of the snow Glasses  strap suitable for the helmet, and whether an extended strap is required. Behind the ski helmet is a snow Glassesbuckle that is designed to hold the snow Glasses to prevent the snow Glasses from falling during the intense glide. Try this and check if it is secure.
7, light weight
The weight of the ski helmet itself is also an important determinant of the choice. For ski helmets of the same size, try to choose a light weight. The heavy helmet wears more and more affects the quality of the sliding. As for those ski helmets that look bright and feel heavy on the hand, it is made of FRP, and it is best not to consider buying.
8, version
Compared to Europe and the United States, our Asian forehead skull is wider. When we look from top to bottom, our head shape is closer to a circle, and Europeans and Americans are closer to the oval shape of the egg, so the beautifully designed European version. Ski helmets, how many we wear will feel the card on both sides of the temple. When you buy, you must try it yourself, wear different styles and different sizes, and if necessary, bring a headgear (face protection) and then try on the helmet. Choose a full package, comfortable and safe, suitable for your head type ski helmet. .
9, work
Whether the bright surface of the outer casing has particles, scratches, whether the water sticking pattern is complete, whether the adhesion of the paint is problematic; whether the main body is black or white (or white paint black paint); whether the inner lining is flat, Whether the fabric is comfortable, whether the color matching is coordinated, whether there is any problem in sewing work, whether there is a complete warning mark and certification mark; whether the shape of the earmuff is complete and detachable; whether the buckle is strong, whether the snow Glasses buckle is strong, and how many buckles are pulled Once, see if the button will be pulled down. The material of the ventilating hole is burred. If there is a burr, there is a problem with the stencil of this helmet.
10, Glasses design
In recent years, the very popular snow Glasses and helmet integrated design, although expensive, still attracts many ski lovers to buy. However, the small gap between the snow Glassesand the helmet (although to avoid the fog Glasses design), the resistance to wind and snow has been weakened, and the small snow is easily entered into the helmet after being blown by the wind. When skiing in this weather, you can use a screwdriver to remove the snow Glasses integrated with the helmet, put on a regular snow Glasses and then slide.
Finally, the shape, color, and price of the helmet are all factors to consider when selecting, and the style of snow Glasses, snow suits, snow shoes, and snowboards has always been the best match. However, beauty is important, safety is always the first, responsible for your family, and let ski fun know forever.

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