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Learning to ride horses, children have an advantage over adults. (Equestrian Helmet)
First of all, children do not have psychological burdens and are more likely to relax. Adults need some psychological comfort when they are new to school. Coaches often help adults to let go of their burdens.
Secondly, the child's flexibility is good and the degree of bumpiness is low. Because the body is relatively soft and the weight is small, the child's bumpiness during riding is much smaller than that of adults.
For children, learning to ride a horse is not necessarily a level of achievement. Equestrian is the means of education, not the purpose. Horseback riding is a communication skill rather than a driving. (helmet wholesale)
Exercise balance
Riding is a sport that can balance the sense of balance. For beginners, whether sitting on horseback or learning some basic equestrian movements, it is very beneficial to balance the exercise.
Shape the graceful posture
Since riding a chest and straightening the waist, you can get rid of the bad habits of bending back and forth by learning the basic posture of riding. Moreover, the riding is a movement of vertical lines, and if it can be adhered for a long time, it can slowly form a beautiful posture. This is why Western aristocratic families require women to learn to ride horses at an early age, which can create a princess-like temperament. (equestrian helmet)

equestrian helmet
Exercise coordination
Riding is a full-body exercise, and the skill is greater than strength. The rider's hand-eye coordination is required during the riding process, so it is very helpful for the overall coordinated exercise of the body.
Cultivate excellent quality
In the interaction with the horse, you can slowly cultivate love, courage, patience and wisdom, which not only enhances emotional intelligence, but also enhances their confidence in overcoming obstacles.
Equestrian Helmet
Improve communication skills
The first thing to learn about equestrian is to communicate and cooperate with animals. To know what the horse thinks, let the horse know what he wants. When a child comes into contact with an animal through body language, he will slowly learn to experience others and learn to express and communicate. This is why riding can be one of the treatments for autism.
Pleasant body and mind
When the child rides on the horse, you can feel the joy and excitement. Some children may still be afraid at first, but after overcoming the fear, they can slowly feel the novelty and comfort brought by riding. And riding is a combination of active and passive sports. Compared with other competitive sports, riding will make children more relaxed and enjoy more happiness. (equestrian helmet)

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