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Equestrian Helmet Knowledge

An e questrian helmet is a form of protective headgear worn when riding horses. This type of helmet is specially designed to protect the riders head during falls off a horse especially from striking a ... Read More


Thermoplastic Urethane[TPU) Cushioning is the mast advanced impact absorption system on the field. TPU Cushioning absorbs more impact across a wider variety of temperatures than any other helmet . The ... Read More

The Difference between a Bicycle Helmet and a Climbing Helme

Bicycle helmets and climbing helmets are designed for different impact forces. Outside of their actual function they do not offer the optimal protection. Like cars bicycle helmets are designed to colla ... Read More

Helmet Size Guide

A Reminder on Bicycle Helmet Certification There are organizations that inspect and rate helmets. Before buying a helmet make sure to look for a seal of approval from one of these organizations: Americ ... Read More

Helmet Cooling

Basics Helmet liners are made of foam that holds heat well. Human bodies use the head to radiate excess heat during exercise. Only a flow of air over the head can carry that heat out of the helmet so v ... Read More

How to Choose Climbing Helmets

Climbing helmets are designed to protect you against several common climbing scenarios; for example, when: rocks or hardware get kicked loose above you you peel off and whip into a wall you hit your he ... Read More

How to Choose the Best Climbing Helmet

Wear-ability What good does buying a climbing helmet do if you dont wear it? Above all, pick a helmet that is comfortable and attractive in your eyes because if, on the other hand, you get an uncomfort ... Read More

Helmet Standards Quick View

A Helmet Seems it was a Simply item We get them easily and wear it often We though we knew about the Helmets But Do you know What are the Helmet standards and its testing item Different Country has dif ... Read More

Signs You Need A New Helmet

1 Helmet Age How old is your helmet? if you have worn your helmet for over 5 years, then it might be time to replace it. But why should you replace your helmet every 5 years? After 5 years of consisten ... Read More

Helmet Testing

Helmets Test Step 1: Outline the test area. Not every square inch of a helmet is designed to take the full brunt of a crash. Each standard precisely outlinesdown to the millimeterhow much of the helmet ... Read More

How to Fit a Bicycle Helmet

1. Adjust the fit pads or ring Many helmets use a fitting ring rather than side pads for adjustment. With these one-size-fits-all models you begin by adjusting the size of the ring. Some of them may re ... Read More

How Does Helmet Work

Helmets: How they Work and What Standards Do Summary: Here are some basic ideas on helmets including design principles and what they can or cant do for you. We also explain what is included in standard ... Read More