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Equestrian Story 3

Whether it is in daily life or practicing equestrian, the most important thing is self-control. If you can't control yourself, there are more goals, and more methods are useless. (Equestrian helmet)

Equestrian helmet
Focus on time step by step
This is often the case. If you concentrate on horseback riding for half an hour, you may be able to do it easily, but if you let you ride for two hours, you may think that it is very painful. If you can concentrate on the best training in half an hour, set the training time to half an hour and then set it to forty minutes in a few days. After waiting for forty minutes, then increase to fifty minutes...
This step by step, you will find that your focus on training is getting longer and longer, people's potential is unlimited, there is no bad thing, sometimes it may be the wrong way. (Equestrian helmet)
Control your emotional state of mind
When a good equestrian athlete finishes a game with his own horse, he not only has to make his own technical movement standards and norms, but more importantly, he controls his emotions and mentality, and always maintains concentration, calm and optimism.
If the rider is worried, his horse will be nervous; if the rider is impatient, his horse will be stiff. Often the rider's bad attitude appears and is quickly transmitted to the horse. In this case, the state of the horse will be affected, and even the situation will be violent and uncontrolled.
equestrian helmet
Develop a proactive willpower
Don't confuse willpower with self-denial, and when it's applied to aggressive equestrian goals, it will become a huge force. Active willpower allows you to overcome the inertia of training and focus your attention on future goals. When you encounter resistance, imagine yourself being happy after overcoming it; actively commit yourself to the specific practice of achieving your goals, and you can stick to it. (helmet wholesale)
A person who can control his own mood in equestrian and control the horse he sat down, I believe that in normal life and work, he can certainly achieve self-denial, stay focused, and control his emotional fluctuations.


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