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Equestrian Story 2

Equestrian is a gentleman's sport. Learning equestrianism not only increases our life skills, but also opens up our way of thinking. However, before you get started, you must know the following basic knowledge about equestrian(Equestrian helmet).
Equestrian equipment(Equestrian helmet) with safety protection
The head of the human body is most vulnerable to injury. Before riding, you should use a helmet that fits your head. The breeches must also be worn when riding. The riding friction is inevitable during riding. The breeches can help the rider to move easily. In professional competitions, the rider is required to wear a knight suit. The horse's reins are very rough and can easily scratch the skin. Gloves are an essential part of horse riding. Usually the gloves are made to wear and comfort, and they also keep warm in winter. Riding boots have protection for the legs and feet. The riding boots are divided into boots and booties. In the absence of long riding boots, you can bring Chabs to protect the legs. The protective vest is used to protect the rider from falling into the horse as much as possible, and to protect the rider's back spine and other parts. Beginner riders are required to wear protective vests.
Equestrian helmet
Try to interact with the horse to build feelings
It is best for us to have a simple conversation with the horse before riding, such as feeding it some grass and gently stroking it. This process is very important, because if a horse is familiar with you and has established trust in you, it will be very willing to let you ride on it. Horses are intelligent animals that perceive human emotions and intentions.
Master the correct steps
Be sure to check the safety of all saddlery before you get on the horse. The rider turns to the right from the standing position, and the left hand separates the scorpion over the horse's head, tightens the reins, stands close to the horse and the forefoot of the horse, faces the rear of the horse, and tightens the left squat so that the inner faces of the two cymbals fit together on the horse's neck. Hold the shackle in the left hand and insert the ring finger into the middle of the two squats together with the whip to catch the armor hair. Rotate the stirrup clockwise with your right hand so that the outside of the stable is facing yourself and stepping on the horse from the outside. Lift your left leg and step on the horse's foot. Grab the right side of the rear saddle bridge with your right hand and press the left toe down so that it is below the girth, but you cannot touch the horse. With your right foot on the ground, with the strength of the right foot and the arms, gently jump up. When the left leg is straight and the body is lifted up, the right hand is supported at the front of the saddle, and the right leg is lifted up and quickly across the horse's buttocks, taking care not to touch the horse. As the right leg crosses the horse, support the weight with both hands and gently sit on the saddle. After the horse is put on, the right foot is gently stepped into the stable, and the left and right sides are squatted. The upper hand is squatted, the upper body is straight, and the front is kept in sight to maintain an accurate posture.

equestrian helmet
Don't be close to the horse's ass
Horses are very docile animals, but at the same time they are very sensitive animals. If they have a little uncomfortable place, their emotions will be magnified and they will easily lose their temper, so we need to be exceptional when we are in contact with horses. Be careful, stand on the sides of the horse as much as possible, don't be close to the horse's butt, which is also a kind of self-protection of the horse. If you don't follow this one, you may be injured if you don't have a horse.
The significance of equestrian lies in the love of horses. We must regard it as our close friend and be willing to establish emotion and trust with the horse. Mutual influence and mutual progress in the training and running-up of accumulated accumulations. Equestrian is not only a sport, but also an important way to cultivate people's temperament and quality.(Equestrian helmet)

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