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Equestrian Equipments

Equestrian is a very gentleman's sport. Does clothing also make people feel cool? Today, Xiaoyao teacher will take you to understand the jockey's equipment. The jockey equipment includes helmets, riding pants, riding boots, gloves, protective vests and whip. Just follow Xiaoyao's teacher to learn more about these cool equipments!

1 Equestrian Helmet

The most important equipment for the jockey is a equestrian helmet. In addition to a sturdy outer casing to protect the head, the connecting helmet should have a set of ties and a live rope. The helmet can be firmly worn on the head after the live rope is attached. For helmets of the specifications, refer to the authorized registration number issued by the European Union. Wholesale Helmet

Equestrian Helmet

2. Riding pants

Wear appropriate riding pants when riding a horse. Wearing other pants such as jeans is too thick and easy to rub the skin. The sweatpants are too thin and easy to rub. Riding pants can be divided into two categories according to the material: corset riding pants and elastic riding pants.

The material of the corset is a conventional material, such as synthetic cotton, polyester fiber, etc., and the material of the elastic breeches has an appropriate amount of elasticity. The riding pants can cover the cowhide in the thigh, the back thigh and the knee. If only the knee part is covered with cowhide, it is called small leather riding pants, and if the covered cowhide part is extended to the thigh, it is called big leather riding pants.

Equestrian helmet

3. Riding boots

Riding boots can be divided into long riding boots and short riding boots. The most ideal material for the production is leather, followed by plastic.
The shape of the forefoot of the riding boots is convenient for the jockey to enter and exit the pedal iron, and the heel cannot be too high. In case of an accident, the riding boots will not be put into the pedal iron. The length of the boot is to the knee and the length of the boot is to the upper position of the ankle. The jockey is usually required to wear long-legged riding boots made of leather. The picture shows small leather riding pants and long riding boots.
When wearing short-legged riding boots, it is usually worn with a calf jacket made of leather or other waterproof material. The full length is covered with a zipper and a Velcro. After wearing, protect the jockey's calf to the knee without excessive friction due to the pedal strap. And broken.

4. Gloves

The riding gloves can be made of different materials. It should be noted that the parts must be adhered to the granular material to increase the friction. Smooth gloves are not suitable.
Wearing gloves and riding can help hold the reins with both hands.

5. Protection vest

Protective vests are usually required to be worn during field obstacle races or in field races to protect the jockey's upper body. Dressed in the shape of a chest zip vest with a block on the front chest and back, 25 mm long, 20 mm wide and 6 mm thick shock absorbing material. When the jockey falls to the horse, the jockey can be protected from being stabbed by foreign objects.

6. Whip

The most commonly used whip is about 70 cm long. The round one is held by the jockey and the end of the flat belt is used on the horse.
After reading the above 6 kinds of jockey equipment, do you feel they are very cool?

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