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Deformable bicycle helmet

Feature of product
This helmet can be folded to half its size and weighs about 250 grams making it easy to carry in a school bag canvas bag or laptop bag. The bulkiness of the traditional helmet is the main reason that cyclists in casual clothes are reluctant to wear it. 83% of shared bicycle users cited inconvenience as a reason not to wear a helmet. In addition the hemispherical shape of the helmet makes it difficult to put it in the car rental booth-more importantly the car rental booth often does not have such a cabinet. Woolf is working to solve these two problems. The goal is to fold the helmet to only 3.6 cm thick (the current model is 6.6 cm thick after being folded). This size is enough to fit the helmet into a laptop bag or efficiently stack it in a rental car booth. The latest samples have passed European-level safety tests. Woolf hopes to launch the next generation of product designs that can meet American standards.
Application prospects
Since 2001 Americans’ bicycle riding time has almost doubled and the number of people who ride long distances has increased by 25%. Other cities in the world—Beijing Chicago Dublin Montreal and more—are starting or Expand bicycle sharing projects. Helmets can reduce the risk of head injury by 85%. However less than half of American cyclists wear helmets so the helmet has a broad application prospect. At present the technology has obtained international patents and put into production

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