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Choose The Right Bicycel Helmet

First, the strength of the helmet:

The strength of the helmet is not as strong as possible, it is not a bicycle helmet, it is a steel helmet! It is fried scoop! A good bicycle helmet is perfect for damage in the event of a collision. The strength is quite good at low-intensity collisions and will not easily break, in case a critical value of collision is reached (this critical value is the impact strength of the brain can cause normal The degree of human brain damage) The helmet is easily broken, relying on the force of the helmet to break the effect of the shock to slow down the impact energy, reduce the damage to the brain, and the conversion curve of this critical value is very high. Another very important point is the cushioning of the strong impact on the point. When you crash, no one can guarantee that your head will not fall on any sharp material. The impact of a certain point reaches a very high level, and the helmet is at a certain point. It begins to rupture, but the directionality of the force collapse during rupture is very important. The poor quality helmet is often broken perpendicular to the impact force, which can also cause brain damage. When a good helmet is subjected to strong impact from the point, The force is diverged to the sides of the helmet, and after the action to the head is a large contact area, which can effectively reduce the impact strength and damage to the human brain. Some car owners think that many helmets look similar or exactly the same, why the price is much worse, because foreign manufacturers design through precision calculation, force directionality, material engineering design, ergonomics design, collision experiment, Wind tunnel experiments, etc., these early investments are quite large, and the price will naturally be higher.


Second, the beauty of the helmet:

This is a lot of concern for many riders! Bicycle sports are more individualized and release the mood. A good helmet is the embodiment of the personality of the rider. However, as many as a dozen or even dozens of ventilation holes in the type of helmet make the design of the helmet difficult, so that the line and The coordination of colors is a relatively complicated matter. Many large manufacturers hire internationally renowned designers to design in color design. This price is naturally high, and many manufacturers regard a certain color or painting as an embodiment of their own brand. It can also be said that a certain color is a brand, such as Poktyrone. There are still great differences in the process of good coating and some general products, and the printing process, the quality of the paint, and the spraying process are completely different. A good helmet is often printed on the primer after the required pattern, and then varnished on the outside to increase the aesthetics and strength of the paint; the general helmet is often printed on the surface of the paint layer, and the primer The intensity is not high.

Third, the adaptability of the helmet:

This problem is often overlooked by everyone. The helmets of big factories are often foreign brands, and they can even be said to be all foreign brands. This foreign country is basically European and American countries. The ethnic groups in these countries are mainly white people, white species. The human skull is characterized by a narrow cheek and a prominent posterior brain, so the helmet is naturally designed like this. However, the characteristics of the skull of the yellow race are wider in the cheeks and flatter in the posterior brain, especially in some areas in the north. When the child is young, there is a habit of sleeping in the brain, and the back of the child is very flat and the width of the cheeks is compared. Big. Such a large number of helmets are not suitable for Asian people. The problem often arises that the half helmets are suitable on both sides and the overall size is large, but they can be adjusted by the rear adjustment. The full helmet is more troublesome, and may be suitable before and after, but The entire head can't get into the narrower mouth of the full-helmet. You can only buy a larger helmet to increase the gasket inside to adapt to the helmet, thus reducing safety and comfort.
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Fourth, the repair problem of the helmet:

In some mild crashes, the helmet itself has not been greatly damaged, but it may encounter problems such as breaking a brim, dropping a screw, or encountering a small trouble such as losing a gasket during storage. The helmets made by domestic manufacturers basically have no repair parts to supply the market. They can only be used if they are not allowed to use them, or they can do some simple repairs. The more demanding riders may dispose of the entire helmet. China Helmet manufacturers have done a good job in this regard, many repair parts can be bought in the country, so that the riders can have a helmet with good performance. However, the disadvantage is that the price of repair parts of foreign manufacturers is relatively high, and the price of some repair parts can buy a mid-range helmet, but it is more cost-effective than the new helmet that is re-purchased. This mainly depends on the acceptance of the riders. .
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Fifth. Helmet type selection:

Although cycling is a sport, there is a lot of classification inside. If a guy in a TT race wears a full-face helmet, the wind resistance can be said to be dead, and the results will definitely not come out. Who cares about wind resistance in the same DH? The important thing is to be thoughtful! The hat of a mountain helmet can block splashing debris, but it will affect the line of sight on the road. Therefore, it is also important to choose a corresponding helmet according to the type of bicycle exercise you are engaged in. Many riders play several projects at the same time, and they can buy different types of helmets when economic conditions permit. It seems to be more like this. But if the economic conditions are more limited or limited, choose a more general helmet. For example, if you play ROAD and play XC, you can use a road half helmet, play a street car while playing a street car, you can use a street helmet, or a mountain half helmet is enough, in addition to playing DH or FRE (China seems Even if it is not at the world level, you should definitely use the full helmet. There is no room for good replacement.
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Sixth, the price of helmets:

In fact, this is the most concerned issue for domestic players. There are many helmet supplier in the market, you can compare them and make the dicision. Some players spend N million loading, but they use a helmet with 3 or 5 hundred dollars. It may be that the skills of these players are good, but I can definitely guarantee it. Yes, a small brain surgery can buy N world-class helmets. If the helmet is damaged, you can buy it casually and buy it casually, but the brain is broken. There is also the use of DH, the full face helmet is to use the full face helmet, not because the good full face helmet than the half helmet more than a few hundred dollars to choose a half helmet, the price of facial surgery is no less than the brain surgery. And the problem of face is a problem for a lifetime.

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