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What is the biggest challenge for the rider in the difficult

In terms of the most interesting items in the equestrian events, there is no doubt that the obstacle course is definitely the best. In many equestrian venue obstacle games, the CSIO Spruce Meadow Masters is known for its difficulty. (Equestrian helmet).
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The CSIO Spruce Masters program is very challenging for riders. Rolex spokesperson and American obstacle racer Kent Farrington said frankly that the difficulty of the CSIO Spruce Meadow Masters is that the venue is very large, but the game time is relatively short, so the team with zero penalty points can be used. number. Horse Riding Helmet.
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Eric Lamaze, the Canadian obstacle racer who is also a Rolex spokesperson, also said that the obstacle course in spruce grass is different from anywhere in the world. The distance between obstacles is very wide, but the game is very wide. The time allowed for the regulations is very short. For him, this is one of the most iconic and the most difficult venue obstacle races in the world. Horse Helmet.
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When talking about the toughest part of the game, German obstacle rider Philipp Weishaupt shared that in the first round of already difficult times, there were zero to 12 pairs of zero penalty. Split the horse. In his opinion, the route of the second round was very special and difficult to complete, and he was not sure if he could jump over. He lamented: "This is the most difficult game in the world." Helmet
Dani G. Waldman, the Israeli obstacle racer, said the hardest part of the game was the obstacle after the water. Many people have made it difficult to jump on double-crossing wood. She thinks that for many people, the last jump is also very difficult. Because it was so far away from the entrance to the venue that it was set to be "singular", the riders had to reactivate the horse when they jumped the obstacle.
Indeed, the reason why the obstacle course is widely loved by everyone is that it is inseparable from the difficult requirements and tests of the riders. The obstacle course requires a high degree of tacit cooperation between the person and the horse and the ability to quickly pass multiple obstacles on a fixed route. Here, the horse's ability to bounce, the choice of the timing of the take-off and the rider's control over the pace of the game are especially critical in the game.
No matter how difficult the obstacles are, like the spruce grass all the time, all obstacles can be jumped over, spruce grass, here is a difficult but absolutely fair free field. Equestrian helmet.


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